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                                                                                                                                                                             Mir Industrial has extensive knowledge and experienced working with quality air pollution control equipment. We offer an array of service in repairing scrubbers including, Cloud Chamber Scrubber systems, wet & dry scrubbing systems, NOx removal & energy recovery, VOC abatement, odor control and more. From turnkey engineering to commissioning worldwide--control submicron particulate, acid gas, dust, acid fumes, chrome emissions & oil mist systems. Mir Industrial has total dedication to customer air scrubber satisfaction. Mir Industrial also stays current with air scrubber technology in order to offer improved solutions for air pollution control problems.

Wet Scrubber Damage
                                                                                                                                                                                            Wet scrubbers are a type of air scrubber employed in a broad range of industrial settings to reduce or eliminate various pollutants found in a given air stream by absorbing or dissolving them in a liquid solution. While both gaseous impurities and particulates can be removed in this purifying process the optimal operating conditions for each differ and often chemical reactions or absorption techniques are configured for one type of contaminant or the other. Depending upon the specific gas and contaminant combination, the process stream is either forced through a liquid spray or through a pool of scrubbing solution. Over time if the chemicals are of a harsh nature the linings of the scrubbers are eaten away and if left without repair can cause considerable damage to the scrubber.

Air Scrubber Damage
                                                                                                                                                                                                Air scrubbers can be divided into one of two categories. Wet scrubbers function forcing contaminated air through a spray or pool of cleaning solution. Particulates and gasses are attracted to the specialized solution so as the air flow passes; they are trapped and collect in a receptacle with the liquid cleanser. Dry scrubbers operate in similar fashion though minimal moisture, if any is used to attract and collect pollutants. Instead, this method involves the application of a dry reagent or slurry which is introduced into a dirty exhaust stream. The chemicals in this slurry, often limestone, attract chemicals and particulates which form larger particles. Chemical solutions may be used in both wet and dry scrubbers to sort out pollutants. Additional filters can be added as well for increased efficiency. Again over time if the chemicals are of a harsh nature the linings of the scrubbers are eaten away and if left without repair can cause considerable damage to the scrubber wet or dry

Inspection / Monitoring
Most all scrubbers have composite parts if not all composite. On-site inspections if completed on a regular basis can provide a good indication of the serviceability of composite equipment and whether the equipment is deteriorating over time. High level technical expertise and experience with FRP is necessary to provide accurate assessment of the current condition and remaining service life of FRP equipment. Mir Industrial is particularly well resourced to provide this service. Full QA procedures would be invoked to carry out the work from start to finish.

One of the best ways of determining whether a composite item is deteriorating is through visual inspections. This can determine whether the surface is being corroded by the process fluid, eroded by abrasion or if the process fluid is penetrating the fiberglass laminate.